This is my little corner of the internet where I can share my thoughts on bushcraft, cooking, fishing, etc as well as provide product reviews on products that I not only use myself but that I think my readers will find useful as well.

The recipes that I post on here are either my own creations or my take on a recipe that I have found over the years and adjusted to my own tastes.  Your welcome to copy and change the recipes to suit your tastes.

IMG_20190521_081813_601There will be photos of food preparation so if you are squeamish please be warned as I don’t intend to offend anyone but it is part and parcel of catching and cooking your own food.  (Mainly sea fish)

The product reviews will be honest and provide an insight into why I think the product is good as well as any negatives I have found with the product.  I will have used the products for at least three months before I do the review as I don’t think you can know the true quality of a product until you have at least used it for a while.

You may find affiliate links on here too, please don’t let that put you off buying anything I’ve reviewed as I will genuinely only review products that I have used and think are good.