Asso Fishing Lines

When I found a lake near to me had catfish in it, I started to look into how to target them as it was a species I’d always wanted to catch but travel restrictions meant that I couldn’t travel to any of the lakes with them in and I certainly wasn’t going to pay £30-£40 for a day at the only other lake I knew definitely had them in.

The lake I was going to target was Daisy’s Pool which is part of Hoar Park Farm Fishery, Nuneaton Road, Nr Ansley, Nuneaton, CV10 0QU. The owner John Lea can be contacted on 07703 643 988 to check the availability of ‘Daisy’s Pool’. The lake has seventeen catfish up to 34lb in it and they are caught on luncheon meat, although I will be trying some of my own creations and dead/live baiting is banned.

I had sorted out the rods, reels and bait I was going to use and I had looked around at various brands regarding the lines I wanted to use. Now there are lots of different brands out there but I had been hearing good things about a brand called “ASSO Fishing Line” so I got in touch with them to ask their advise with regards to the lake that I was going to fish. After a good conversation about the catfish that were in there I was recommended 25lb Bulletproof mainline and 12kg Super Fluorocarbon.

When the line arrived my first impressions were that it was very well designed and felt very strong.

I loaded the 25lb Bulletproof onto my reel and I loved the way that it lay in the spool, it had a nice heavy feel to it so I knew it would sink nicely and cast put very smoothly (which it did).

The next thing was the fluorocarbon, now I had used a few cheaper fluorocarbons in the past and they were okay but I didn’t think they would stand up to catfish. However, I felt the strength of this one and felt a little more confident in it so went ahead and made up some hair rigs I’d be using for the catfish.

Well I’ve now been using this line for a few months and had several of the catfish and even a few of the Carp and the line has been superb, the feel from the mainline is brilliant and the same fluorocarbon rig has landed all of the catfish without even a slight sign of wear from the abrasive pads of the catfish!!

I would definitely recommend Asso not only for the quality of the line but also for the great customer service.

Get it on eBay here –>


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