Cure and Simple Bacon

As an avid angler and bushcrafter I am always on the look out for new and interesting products that fit in with these two fantastic hobbies. Food is one such thing that I am always on the look out for and the criteria is simple something that is going to taste delicious but make taking it with me easier.

I recently came across a company called ‘Cure and Simple’ who do a range of pre packed bacon that gets delivered through your door!! The packs even have a dog deterrent on them to try and prevent your dog (if you have one) devouring the delicious goodies inside before you get chance to get to them. This isn’t a guarantee though, it’s just something they do to try and prevent dogs eating the bacon.

Okay, lets have a closer look at the company. Cure and Simple use British pigs that are either free range or outdoor reared in East Anglia and South East England, now the bit that got me interested is that the bacon is traditionally cured by applying a dry cure mix by hand and letting the mix rest for 12 days. 

 This draws the moisture out preventing all those nasty germs growing, it is then hung for another 12(ish) days to allow the flavours to penetrate the bacon and removing as much moisture as possible.
Because the bacon has been cured this means that as long as the seal is not broken that the bacon can be stored without having to refrigerate it, this is absolutely perfect for taking on fishing sessions or putting in your backpack for that camping or hiking trip.

It’s all very well and good being able to carry the food without it going off but what did I think to the taste of the bacon? I expected that it was going to be a bit salty due to the curing process but I can honestly say that’s didn’t taste that salty and it certainly didn’t take anything away from the flavour at all. 

 The bacon is absolutely delicious, cut well and presented very professionally in Packets that will fit easily into small spaces for transporting.

I have a selection of flavours and if the rest are as good as the Thai infused then I have found my new favourite fishing/bushcraft food. 

 Having preserved my own meats on several occasions I can definitely appreciate the work, effort and craftsmanship that has gone into making this bacon.
I absolutely love the idea of getting bacon delivered through my post box and my only gripe that I could think of is that currently it is a subscription service (although it’s pretty easy to cancel the subscription), I would prefer it if there was an option to buy the packs of bacon as one off’s instead of having to subscribe. 

 I did see a rumour on their Facebook page /CureandSimple though saying that they were looking into creating an option to sell indivisible Packets without subscribing so here’s hoping.
In the meantime I’m going to hide this bacon from my kids and enjoy it when they aren’t around, it’s too delicious to share!!

Check out the full range on their website…